Association, Participation, Innovation
The API of tomorrow starts with envisioning a better today!

Association – Community Empowerment & Diversity

  • Let us never stop being the backbone where innovative entrepreneurs and organizations find a voice.
  • Develop an affiliate network of NY Meetups that embody the spirit of NYTM and celebrate our diversity.
  • Deepen a relationship with non-profits that promote civic engagement through technology.
  • Enhance relationships with educational institutions to increase opportunities for students, developers, and entrepreneurs.

Participation – Engagement with Government,

  • Hold political forums inquiring how candidates for elected office will affect the NYTM community.
  • Use our 501(c)6 status to be THE VOICE of NY Tech startups in the City and throughout the State. Develop policy and legislation to support OUR VOICE.
  • Erode the barriers that impede our ownership of democracy by advocating government data through live feeds, not dumps.
  • Develop an advisory board that promotes civic engagement through technology.
  • Seek opportunities that foster entrepreneurship through tax incentives and innovation credits.
  • Highlight entrepreneurs who incorporate government datasets into their businesses and applications. Let’s show the world the value of free and open government data.

Innovation – Let’s innovate a future, together!

  • Put an end to the year old blank “about” page on Let us make our principles known and let us invent the future we want to see.
  • Develop an “open for questions” section where board members can interact directly with meetup members in an open and transparent platform.
  • Encourage “office hours” for executive and community board members.
  • Publish NYTM board meeting notes on

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